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Explore IWitness in Over 90 Languages with Google Translate

Google Translate is now embedded in the IWitness website, making it possible, for the first time, for non-English speaking users to view the site in their own language.

Simply select the language from the top right corner to read website text in any language, from Spanish to Arabic. Google Translate provides translation that is only an approximation of the original content on the website. Translations should not be considered exact, only a rough guide. Some page elements cannot be translated, such as graphics and photos.

Google Translate is part of IWitness’s effort to broaden the reach of IWitness to users in non-English speaking countries.  As staff begins to make more content from the Visual History Archive available in IWitness, now users can quickly toggle to see an approximate translation of some parts of the site. With the inclusion of two Czech language activities and the forthcoming addition of Hungarian and others that are in the works, this tool will help teachers and students be able to navigate the site to get to the content that is developed in their native language.

IWitness is an educational website developed by USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education that provides access to 1,467 full life histories, testimonies of survivors and witnesses to the Holocaust and other genocides for guided exploration. IWitness brings the human stories of the Institute's Visual History Archive to secondary school teachers and their students via engaging multimedia-learning activities. Designed to be participatory, academic and student-driven, IWitness addresses education standards from the Common Core State Standards Initiative (United States) and the International Society for Technology in Education, among others.

If you have additional questions about Google Translate, please visit Google Translate Help Center.